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    Nick Sutter


    • Born: July 27, 1986. Chicago, IL
    • High School: Barrington High School
    • College: Indiana University (Go Hoosiers)
    • Residence: Orlando, FL
    • Career Highlights: Competing and contending in professional golf tournaments after a year of picking up the game. Going on year 4 and will win in the near future. I played soccer at Indiana university.


    • Life Icon/Biggest Hero: My Mother, Father, and Sister. All three of them are hands down the most amazing people I know.
    • Favorite Book: 50 Shades of BAAHAHAH just kidding. Real favorite is The Power
    • Best Golf Course Cafe or Halfway Shack and Meal: Grand Cypress Golf Club (Orlando, FL. My home course)
    • Drink of Choice: Hardest question of all time. Depends on my mood, but normally I'm a sucker for Tequila with a splash of fresh lime juice.
    • Vacation Choice: Family's condo in Cancun. ¡Hola mi amigos!
    • Dream Car: One that can fly. Being on time would totally be a lot easier.
    • Style Tip: Care... Doesn't matter what your style is, just care enough to have pride when you leave the house.
    • Favorite Album: Thriller
    • Greatest Golf Swing Ever: Adam Scott
    • Swing Tip: Rhythm. Oh, and also always remember to smile and laugh on the golf course. It's the greatest game in the world, but at the end of the day, it is just a game. SO HAVE FUN!
    • Favorite Hole: Whatever hole I am currently peggin it up on. I love this game! But Number 1 on The Brute at Grand Geneva is for sure one of my favorites.