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    If first impressions are as important as advertised, we could be your new best friend.

    QED Style has partnered with businesses large and small across the country
    interested in apparel that looks professional, stylish and comfortable.

    Our wrinkle resistant fabrics and sewn in collar stays guarantee a fresh clean look every time.
    While we can’t prevent spills at lunch, we’d be happy to even throw in some Tide pens on us!
    The point is, whether it’s executive teams, management teams, sales teams or office staff,
    we guarantee and take pride in a great look that lasts a LONG time.

    Having partnered with many businesses over the years, we would be happy to
    provide you with suggestions — what items do best with sales teams,
    what colors appear strongest, when to use printed shirts, logo coloring and locations, etc.

    We can offer QED Style polo shirts, t-shirts, hats, outerwear, bags and logo work.
    We are completely vertical and can handle it all.

    In a hurry? No problem. Most orders can be processed and delivered with logo within 10 days.

    Please contact us for general questions and pricing.
    You will be surprised how competitive our pricing is!