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    • Born: March 20, 1985 in Salt Lake City, Utah
    • High School: East High School, SLC UT
    • College: University of Utah
    • Hometown: Las Vegas/Salt Lake City
    • Professional Career: Turned Professional 2010
    • Career Highlights: Earned Canadian Tour card 2012, 2008 Wingpoint Club Champion, 2 High School State Championships


    • Life Icon/Biggest Hero: George “The Stork” Theodore, Sabrina Theodore
    • Favorite Book: Harry Potter
    • Best Golf Course Cafe or Halfway Shack and Meal: Peanut butter and honey
    • Drink of Choice: Cranberry juice
    • Vacation Choice: Miami or Boston
    • Dream Car: Lamborghini Murcielago
    • Style Tip: Pop your collar
    • Favorite Album: AFI, Sing the Sorrow
    • Swing Tip: Focus on the target more than the ball.
    • Favorite Hole: Too many to pick from right now; #17 at TPC Summerlin
    • Hobbies: Music, Collecting AFI records, Air Jordan/Penny shoes, cars, yoga
    • Interesting Fact: Played college baseball, dad played baseball for the New York Mets