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    Style is taking five extra minutes in the morning. It is taking your work seriously. It is respect for the game, your opponent and, most importantly, yourself. Style is care and attention to detail. It is creating a look that is unique to you. It is a reflection of your personality. Style is a universal language. It is personal to each of us yet understood by everyone.

    QED Style is a golf apparel company that embraces all forms of style and those who reflect it each and every day. Enough of the boxy cuts, double mercerized cottons and limp collars. Say hello to a refreshing new golf apparel company. QED Style. Red numbers and phone numbers baby.

    All QED apparel is designed to perform and look great in any environment. The world is a big place, and your golfing “outfit” won’t get you very far once you leave the course. While maintaining the utmost respect for the game, QED Style will continue to push the envelope in golf style. You can safely assume all QED items will be unique, creatively detailed and made of the finest quality. Enjoy!


    After graduating from St. Mary’s College of California in 2008, QED founder Mike McRae spent the next couple years pursuing a PGA Tour card and became unsatisfied with the selection of golf apparel. As an active outdoorsman from Utah, he wanted golf clothes to be less golf and more clothes. Mike put his professional career on hold and spent a year studying different apparel and textile markets.

    A fan of the western style dress shirt, Mike designed some golf polo variations and launched QED in April 2011. Since those humble beginnings, QED Style has become a recognized leader in golf fashion.

    QED Style can be found in some of the finest pro shops in America including Pebble Beach, Riviera Country Club, Desert Mountain, the Stock Farm Club and Kapalua Resort.

    What does QED stand for?