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    QED Style to Exhibit at Las Vegas PGA EXPO

    We are pleased to announce that QED Style will be an exhibitor at the 2014 Las Vegas PGA Expo on August 18-20. Held at the Venetian Hotel, the convention will be our first national trade show. Fresh off a number of very successful regional  shows, we are excited to bring our brand to a wider audience.

    With the launch of our new 2014 line, composed of nine new golf polos and two new trousers and shorts, QED Style now offers a full range of apparel for the golfer who demands performance and fashion. The new line includes four new colors of our popular Logan Polo. Additionally, we have introduced a raglan sleeved polo named the Uinta Polo. The Uinta is available in mint, violet, white and bronze. Finally, we are absolutely thrilled with the response the our plaid Kamas polo. Yes, plaid, and it has been our #1 seller from day one.

    On the trousers and shorts side of the company, we have maintained our Alpine and Park City design but incorporated new, much lighter fabric than last year's models. Golfers who play in high heat will absolutly love these pants and shorts as they are both amazingly comfortable and incredibly functional. If you are planning on attending the 2014 PGA Expo please stop by boot #1008 or contact us to make an appointment.

    Interview with Andy Pope

    We recently sat down with QED Style team member Andy Pope to discuss the season, his favorite courses and what it is like to play in South America. This interview took place a day prior to the Rex Hospital Open, held at TPC Wakefield Plantation, where Andy would finish T29.

    We are about a third of the way through the season, how has it gone so far?

    Andy Pope: This year has been pretty good although I have not played as well as I wanted to. The biggest difference is that I knew I would be in the first 8 events which has has taken a little pressure off compared to years past when I had to play good right away just so I could reshuffle up. Plus, just knowing the courses, where to stay, where to eat has made it easier and more comfortable.

    The 1st part of the season takes place in Mexico and South America. What is it like to play outside of the US?

    Andy Pope: It can be a little tough with the language barrier, but the courses are good and it's fun to see different parts of the world. The biggest challenge is adjusting to the altitude because the ball travels so much farther.  Everyone plays the same course, so it benefits the guys who can make adjustments to their game.

    What are your favorite tour stops?

    Andy Pope: For sure the one we are at this week, TPC Wakefield. TPC Avondale is always a favorite of a lot of players but unfortunately it is not on the schedule this year. Omaha is great because it is one of the few places that really creates a PGA Tour-like atmosphere for the All in all, most of the courses do a great job of setting up the tournament and taking care of us. I guess my favorites are the TPC courses.

    What would you tell people who don't know much about the Tour?

    Andy Pope: That the players are just as good as the guys on the PGA Tour, and it's harder to make a cut. I doubt many people realize we just went from 60 and ties to 65 and ties, which is still less than the PGA Tour which takes 70 and ties. Hey, just look at all the past champions and past Major winners down here. You quickly realize how much talent is on the tour.

    So you are wearing a QED Style Holden Polo today. Is that your favorite QED shirt?

    Andy Pope: Yea, I wear this shirt a lot but my favorite is probably the Logan because it does so well in the heat. But hey, I have seen you guys have some new stuff around the corner so maybe there is a new favorite in there for me.

    Thanks and good luck out there.

    NOTE: Andy would go on to place T29 in this event and follow that up with a T35 at the Cleveland Open. Andy has now posted a T35 or higher finish in 4 of his 5 last starts. Andy will play this week at the Air Capital Classic in Wichita Kansas.

    New Handcrafted Belt Buckles

    Accessories are the finishing touches to a wardrobe. Much like a watch or a pair of shoes, a belt buckle, tells a lot about someone. "It's in the details" and all QED design is centered around this concept.  Whether it is the selection of our fabrics, trims, pocket linings or hangtags, every item is hand selected and reflects the originality of the brand.

    While no two buckles are the same, the QED Style theme runs through our entire collection. Whether it be our signature square or the western vibe, these buckles will complement all of our shorts and trousers.

    As with our apparel, all QED Style accessories are made of the highest quality metals including sterling silver, copper and iron. Many of the pieces also include original photography by Michael McRae. Each QED buckle is handcrafted one at a time and made to order. Lead time is one week for all buckle orders and includes a lifetime guarantee.

    Additionally, customers and retailers may customize QED Style buckles - image, shape, metal and/or finish.  Please contact us for further information.  Minimum of 15 pcs.  Lead time of 3 weeks.

    We hope you enjoying wearing these buckles as much as we do making them.  All of the buckles can be seen and purchased here.

    QED Style 2014 Apparel Preview

    QED Style is pleased to announce its new 2014/2015 apparel line.  Available in June 2014, the new line will include several new styles as well as new color options of our previous best sellers.

    New to the lineup is the Uinta polo. Named after the mountain range found in northeastern Utah, the Uinta polo will come in a new 92% polyester, 8% spandex fabric and will be offered in four different colors: white, violet, mint green and taupe.  All color options have brushed steel snaps and a unique contrast stitch. The main feature of the Uinta will be its raglan sleeve design.

    Another addition to our selection of polos will be the Kamas polo. Many of our polos have a western style influence, and we decided to go deeper into our roots with this shirt. Double breasted pockets, classic plaid pattern, antler snaps. Designed for the course, inspired by the great town of Kamas, Utah. What else do you need in a shirt?

    Last, but not least of the new styles, is the Payson trouser. Equipped with the same fabric and capabilities of the Alpine and Park City trousers, this pant is for those who prefer a slimmer fit in the leg. Modern chino meet QED Style. Slightly more formal than other QED trousers but equally comfortable and versatile. Only offered in black.

    Our Logan polo wins the MVP award for 2013, thus we decided to expand its color selection. You will soon be able to purchase this polo in white, black, navy and a bright vermillion.  For those of you lacking in color vocab, vermillion is an orange-red. Each polo will have its own custom snap that compliments the body color. Trust us, everyone of them is awesome and will be a great addition to your current Logan selection.

    The Park City and Alpine trousers and shorts were also popular hits this year. We will soon be offering all in a light grey color. Our experts found a fabric that is 1/2 the weight but just as awesome as last year’s models...water resistant, stain resistant and wind resistant. These new trousers and shorts will be just that much better in the summer heat.

    The new QED Style apparel will be available June 2014 and can be purchased on our website or in select pro shops.

    TourQuest Joins Team QED Style

    Four men chasing their dreams of making the PGA Tour, that is the essence of TourQuest. While golf brands have "teams" that consist of players who wear their gear or use their equipment, TourQuest is actually a team of guys who have banded together to support each other. Founded by Sam Goulden, the goal of TourQuest "is to give players with the desire, drive, and determination to succeed at all costs, the opportunity to do so while promoting the “grind” and love of the game which is synonymous with high level competitive golf.

    While instant success stories like Jordan Speith captivate us, they are extremely rare. For most professional golfers, the PGA is the result of years of hard work, travel and living on meager budgets. Having twice sold all of his possession in order to finance his golf career, Sam Goulden knows firsthand how difficult the road to the PGA is.

    "The idea of TourQuest was a result of my meeting guys who, like me, were committed to the game. Even though golf is an individual sport, there is a lot to be gained by creating a team of people who share common goals. It is my hope that as a team we will be able to support and push each other which will ultimately make each person a better player."

    Sam Goulden - TourQuest Founder

    In 2014, Sam Goulden, Paul Imondi, Chris Gilman and Yves Nicollier, will play in nearly every PGA Monday qualifier as they prepare for the Q-School next fall. While this approach may not be conventional, Sam believes that the experience they will gain playing against this high level competition will ultimately prepare them for the grind of going through the three stages of qualifying.

    Over the next 10 month, the TourQuest team will be sharing the inside world of Monday Qualifying and life on the road. We will be posting updates on our blog but you can also follow the TourQuest team on Twitter and Instagram as they will offer a rare look into life inside the ropes. You can also read more about the TourQuest team on Sam Goulden Golf website.