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    Top-10 QED Style Memories of 2018: A Year of Big Change

    Top-10 QED Style Memories of 2018: A Year of Big Change
    As the year changes, we can be quick to get geared up and look ahead.  While I am guilty of this as well, 2018 was a monumental year at QED Style.  Growth, expansion, new account relationships, new vendor partnerships...even new a life?? Here is a list of our top ten moments from last year!

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    Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Stylish Man or Woman in Your Life!

    'Tis the season of gifting, but some of us are just tough to shop for. We've compiled a list of great last minute gift ideas for that stylish man or woman in your life!

    For the Traveler

    The North Face Base Camp Duffel, Small - $120 @ The North Face

    The epitome of bomber. A TPE laminated exterior resists all but the heaviest of downpours, and holds up to the asphault, tarmac, granite, and anything you can think of. Backpack straps and multiple grab handles make this duffel easy to grab and toss around. The small fits neatly into an overhead compartment and folds into its own bag for storage when you get home. No need to head out on an expedition to enjoy the iconic Base Camp Duffel!



    JOSHU+VELA Leather Duffel - $548 @ JOSHU+VELA

    Maybe you prefer a more classic duffel? Look no further than JOSHU+VELA's Leather Duffel. Made of Horween leather, this beautiful bag will last several lifetimes. USA made. Go take a look. There are no words.


    Cuyana Classic Leather Tote - $175 @ Cuyana

    For something just as timeless, but with perhaps a softer touch, take a look at this gorgeous tote from the lovely ladies at Cuyana. Clean lines and a handful of accessories to organize your bag as you wish!
    As an added bonus, they've partnered with H.E.A.R.T. and you can contribute to their cause with your purchase!

    On the Road

    Microsoft Surface Go
    From $399 (with keyboard cover) @ Microsoft

    Perhaps the best tablet/laptop device of the year. The Surface Go is a 10" entry level device, but it's no slouch. A trick kickstand, speedy internals, and USB C port means you've got a killer device for years to come. At just over one pound, the Surface Go will be your go-to travel device, and may just even replace your laptop at home!


    Kindle Paperwhite - $100 @ Amazon

    For the camper and traveler! The new Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof, so no worries about taking it to the beach, lake, pool, or bath. Small, light, and features a battery that just won't quit!


    Back Home

    Chromecast Audio - $15 @ Best Buy and Google

    For the audiophile in your life. This little device plugs into stereo receivers, powered monitors, sound bars, Bluetooth speakers, and anything else with a 3.5mm jack, all while streaming seamlessly from your device. The Chromecast Audio supports iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Macs, PCs and Chromebooks, and supports lossless audio. Grab a few and sync audio in multiple rooms with ease!



    YETI Rambler Bottle 18oz - $30 @ YETI

    Keep your coffee (and hot chocolate!) hot this winter, and your iced tea cold through the summer! Simple, durable, and effective.



    Cooking Classes - $50-100, varies by location and theme

    A great experience for them, and great food for you! That's a win, win! A quick online search will bring up several options, but our recommendation? Macarons.



    Local Jewelry - $ - $$$

    Head downtown or to your winter farmers' market and check out some local artisans! You'll be surprised at the quality you can find at stunning prices.
    In the Salt Lake area, we highly recommend Michael McRae for his stunning bespoke jewelry.


    Still Stuck?

    Make a donation! Find a cause they enjoy and make a donation in their name. Everyone wins!

    Your Local Food Bank
    National Park Service
    Best Friends Animal Society


    Happy Holidays!

    To do our part, QED Style will be donating 10% of all sales to the Best Friends Animal Society through the end of the year!
    Safe travels and much love from everyone here at QED Style!

    A Denim Jacket that's...Cozy??

    A Denim Jacket that's...Cozy??

    Denim.  A fabric that nearly all of us can relate to or associate with.  Something that gets better and somewhat becomes a part of you with age.  The cliche nostalgia of throwing on a favorite pair of jeans or jacket you still have from college is often real!  Impressions from Ralph Lauren, Levi Strauss, Wrangler or James Dean roll through your head making denim its own genre of style and as American as apple pie. 

    Originally designed as a durable utility fabric for miners, railroad engineers and other laborers in the late 1800’s, denim needed to be strong, tough, breathable and affordable.  It was completely a functional fabric. Something that can be worn day after day with little maintenance or worry.  

    It wasn’t until the 1950’s when select Hollywood stars unexpectedly turned to denim for a rebel-istic fashion look.  Some credit James Dean's role in "Rebel Without A Cause" as the single spark that changed everything.  All of a sudden denim became stylish and evolved into a mainstream lifestyle juggernaut in the 1970’s, 80’, 90’s and 2000’s.  To put simply, the use and popularity of denim had come a long way from its labor wear origins.

    Oddly enough, the actual fabric had not.  Even today, denim can still come with the assumption of tough rugged fabric that needs some “wear and tear” before true comfort sets in.  It's 2018 and we still need to break in some of our clothes?  Hundreds of other fabrics allow for "slip on and go" or provide “move-with-you” capabilities.  Spandex and lycra seemingly dominated the 80’s.  Why such a delay integrating technology into mainstream denim? Let's face it, what's considered a utility today is much different than that for laborers in the 1800’s.  

    Remarkably, the concept of “stretch denim” hasn't gained popularity until quite recently.  Apparel companies all over the world are starting up based on new concepts such as performance denim, synthetic denim, technical denim and even water-resistant denim.  In fact, the most hyped and sought after mills are now primarily located Japan - a country known for technology and high end textiles.  And yummy sushi.  The point is, the technology to modernize denim is available.  Let's get to using it!

    Since the very beginning, QED has tried to develop and offer apparel suited for both performance and style.  We look to improve performance pieces (i.e. polyester shirts) by making them more stylish.  Conversely, if an item or concept is known to be stylish (denim jacket), we ask how it can perform better in an active lifestyle.  Nothing can be a better example of this than our ladies' Aurora jacket. 

    Simply put, it's our version of the classic denim trucker-style jacket.  We introduced the Aurora this fall marketing it as a denim jacket you can "swing in".  The message was tied to a video of the jacket on a hanger swinging on a clothing rack (clever we know).  We realize no one is looking at a denim jacket and thinking golf.  But, we proudly offer a jacket that allows you to move without restriction and be able perform something as silly as swing a golf club with ease.  Tell me what other denim jacket can do that?  Pretty cool!  A timeless style piece with performance abilities.

    The Aurora is what a denim jacket should be in 2018 - instantly comfortable, performance fabric blend with stretch, durable, non-shrinking and machine washable.  All with a classic design and loaded with detailing.

    Thank you for reading!  Want an Aurora jacket?  Enjoy 15% off automatically applied at final checkout by clicking this link.

    QED Style Fall Product Feature: Brigham Pullover

    Oatmeal Brigham Pullover
    For the fashionistas out there, fall is synonymous with opportunity.  Wardrobe opportunity.  No other season provides such range - shorts, pants, short sleeve, long sleeve, sweaters, over coats, accessories…everything is in play.  In celebration of such, we will be featuring various fall products (not just from QED Style) to help everyone earn a seasonal stylistic thumbs up.  Perhaps even two.

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    QED Style Store: Soon Offering On Running Shoes

    QED Style Store: Soon Offering On Running Shoes
    The QED Style store will soon be adding footwear by offering men's and ladies' On running shoes.  On shoes are amazing for any active lifestyle and compliment well to all QED Style apparel.

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